We are a young, growing family, who together have chosen to give ourselves wholeheartedly to following Jesus. Our journey has led us to become full-time volunteer staff with a global missions movement known as Youth With A Mission or YWAM, in Kailua-Kona, located on the big island of Hawaii, strategically placed for its easy access to Pacifica and Asia. Through YWAM, we have found a biblical culture and model of ministry interwoven with community, and while it is most certainly not perfect, it has become home for over 12 years now because of its foundational value for families in missions.

Graham is passionate about music, worship and all things related to drums and drumming – he has played for almost 20 years and is always seeking to improve upon his craft. His most home away from home is sitting behind a drum kit. He studied recording engineering in school and loves to get behind the creative process of a song, whether he’s been playing it for years or for the very first time. Graham is totally comfortable watching movies and digging into how they spark a human connection, eating cheeseburgers or discovering creatures of all kinds in the great outdoors. But he loves absolutely nothing more in this world than spending time with his kids and wife. His love for Jesus and passion for missions is rooted in the truth that the gospel is meant for people like him.

Alissa is an incredible woman of faith who chooses to Jesus in everything. She loves walking with young women and highly values the discipleship process found in daily life at grocery stores, in Starbucks drive-thru’s and has learned (and taught) the art of carrying on conversations in, around and over the clamor of kids around her, knowing they themselves are often the ones helping us discover the Father the most. She also is a skillful and anointed teacher, training and helping others discover the ways of Jesus. She absolutely adores her kids, loves traveling the nations and did I mention Starbucks??

Levi is all boy. He loves running around at parks and playgrounds, he is an incredible swimmer and his imagination is something to be reckoned with. He keeps us on our toes and we absolutely love that. Levi also carries one of the softest hearts and is full of compassion for people no matter the age. He has a quick eye for anyone needing help and is often the first one to offer prayer to a friend. He loves building and playing with LEGO, is always looking for buddies and all things sweet. We love him.

Audra is a strong and feisty little girl. She gets on just fine running around, playing with her big brother and standing her ground as a superhero. She carries a sweet side and is fiercely loyal. While it may take some time and effort, once you’ve won her over you can plan on endless tea parties, nail painting, and invitations to princess royal balls. Audra adores her family, loves everything pink and has an incredible passion for singing and dancing. We love her.

Quinn is already such a joy! She’s just a couple months old and smiling away. We are so thrilled for her addition to our family and she makes us feel complete. She loves eating and sleeping – yay babies! We love her.