Here at the University of the Nations (UofN) – YWAM Kona, our primary focus is discovering Jesus and helping people find their calling in the nations through community, discipleship, training and missional expressions. We are part of a ministry and community which carries the call to awaken a generation to fall in love with Jesus and go to the lost. We love seeing Jesus being proclaimed to people who don’t yet know Him or his love and we regularly travel on short term missions trips or visit ministry teams in the field to see this done practically.

Currently, Graham works as part of the leadership team of the Discipleship Training School (DTS) program. The DTS is the introductory missions training course and is the pre-requisite to all our other training and opportunities offered at over 200 locations around the world. The UofN/YWAM Kona campus graduates over 1200 DTS students annually. He practically serves on the campus Impact Team which coordinates all YWAM Kona DTS outreach locations and ministries and facilitates outreach training for the DTS staff. He also serves in the worship department with corporate worship gatherings and in the campus prayer room. Alissa works with multiple different women’s ministries and frequently helps with logistics and administration for UofN courses, among many other ministry related responsibilities including discipleship and teaching.





2003 – Graham participated in Discipleship Training School (DTS) and School of Missions & Evangelism with outreaches in Spain and US inner-cities.

2004 – Graham joined staff with YWAM Orlando and Alissa participated in Discipleship Training School (DTS), with outreaches in Egypt and Jordan.

2005 – Alissa participated in School of Missions & Evangelism (SOME) with outreaches in US cities, Graham participated in Mission Adventures – YWAM’s high school youth ministry.

2006 – Alissa participated in Epic Quest (YWAM’s performing arts youth ministry) leading outreach in Latvia and Sweden. We were married on September 2nd, 2006. Participated in the September DTS.

2007 – Led the DTS outreach in Thailand.

From early 2007 until January 2010 we called Tacoma, Washington home. There we partnered with a local church that ministered to YWAM globally and for two plus years we ministered in local high schools, worked in the marketplace and served the church.

2010 – Transitioned back into full-time volunteer staff with YWAM in Kona, Hawaii. Participated Jan F&F DTS and led an outreach in China and Japan. Facilitated DTS pastoral visit in Haiti and served alongside YWAM relief efforts after the earthquake. Pioneered DTS outreach training for YWAM Kona outreach staff.

2011 – Participated in YWAM Kona campus outreach strategy tour in Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines, Graham participated in his first North Korea outreach. Facilitated DTS outreach training for YWAM Kona outreach staff. Levi David was born on July 2nd, 2011.

2012 – Graham participated in his 2nd North Korea outreach and Alissa participated with Models For Christ ministry in New York City outreach. Participated in the September Community Transformation DTS and facilitated DTS outreach training for YWAM Kona outreach staff.

2013 – Facilitated Community Transformation DTS pastoral visits in China, Nepal, Cambodia and India. Facilitated DTS outreach training for YWAM Kona outreach staff. Audra Selah was born on October 26th, 2013.

2014 – Participated in January Community Transformation DTS and Graham facilitated pastoral visits in Thailand and Cambodia. Alissa participated in Beautiful Revolution – a ministry focused on young girls identity in Jesus. Facilitated DTS outreach training for YWAM Kona outreach staff.

2015 – Graham participated in YWAM Kathmandu, Nepal longterm ministry plant visit and ministered at YWAM Newcastle in Australia. Facilitated DTS outreach training in YWAM Kona. Alissa participated in the New York City outreach with Models For Christ and Beautiful Revolution in Orlando, Florida.

2016 – Alissa pioneered Shine Bright – a ministry centered on helping young girls find their identity in Jesus, alongside Beautiful Revolution. Graham participated in A Life Together DTS and pioneered the campus Impact Team which coordinates all YWAM Kona outreach locations and ministries in the field.

2017 – Graham participated in a YWAM Turkey DTS in Istanbul and partnered with the long-term ministry plant from Kona and facilitated DTS outreach training and Impact Team. Quinn Evangeline was born March 1st, 2017.